This handbook has one simple purpose. That is, to provide some practical suggestions for language teachers. It may be that you are thinking about setting up an association or that you have already started an association and would like more ideas on certain aspects. The suggestions which are presented here are all based on the practical experience of teachers in many parts of the world.
Edited by Ana Falcao and Margit Szesztay and published by IATEFL in 2006. The print version of this handbook was funded by the British Council English Language Teaching Contacts Scheme (ELTeCS).
Teacher Associations (TAs) have continued to flourish and thrive in many parts of the world, helping teachers develop professionally and personally. Nevertheless, few resources can be found to specifically support the work of TAs. This handbook is a valuable resource to anyone wishing to set up a TA or review their TA organisation and management.
There are sections on :
  • IATEFL and how it works
  • The benefits of a teacher associations
  • How to get started
  • Association structure and membership
  • Suggestions for what to do as an association
  • Organising conferences
  • Publishing journals and newsletters
  • Money matters
  • Collaboration on-line
  • Useful links
  • A check list for setting up an association
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Its nice having this handbook it helps teacher develop thier personality and know intire information about this profession.
tim mccallan